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Daniel Klibanoff

Daniel Klibanoff is a serial entrepreneur located in Asheville, North Carolina who has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for companies he has owned. He started a data business with $500 in 1982 and grew it into one of the direct marketing industry’s leading data and marketing solutions provider for companies like AARP, Citibank, BlueCross Blue Shield, Chase Manhattan Bank, Mutual of Omaha, Hearst Magazines, and Allstate  to name a few.

My biggest strategy that has been key to successfully growing my business, is treating people right. It is practicing the level of outstanding customer service that surpasses all others. The customer is always given the benefit of the doubt. We bend over backward to satisfy our customers. We bypass conflict or confrontation with customers and suppliers. We treat customers with integrity and we always do the right thing.
Daniel Klibanoff
on his strategy for success

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